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Heed These End-of-Season AC Repair Needs


Here we are at the official start of fall! This means it’s time to start thinking about our heating systems, and how well equipped they are to get us through the cooler weather we’re about to be graced with.

Chances are you’ve been using your cooling system on a fairly consistent basis though, so even though your heater should be on your mind, you don’t want to forget about all the work your air conditioner has done. Doing so could leave you with a surprise repair need!

The good news is, most air conditioner repair needs make themselves known before the system actually fully breaks down. We’ll share some signs and symptoms below!

We have to emphasize how important it is to only have a trained and experience professional check on your air conditioner. Trying to formally diagnose or repair your air conditioner yourself can do more harm than good to the system. Plus, it can void out your HVAC system warranty!

Read on to learn some of the signs of a failing or struggling air conditioner.

Reduced Airflow

You’ve noticed that chilled air isn’t moving through your ductwork with the power or speed that you’re used to. This is certainly a problem! It usually means you have air trapped somewhere within the system, which can cause problems internally, such as frozen coils.

Alternatively, you might be looking at damage to your system’s air ducts, which is letting conditioned air escape into unoccupied spaces like your attic, behind your drywall, or in your crawlspace. Lowered airflow isn’t just the symptom of a problem, it can also cause your air conditioner to run longer and essentially “work harder” to do its job, which is inefficient.

Lack of Cooling Power

So maybe the air coming through your vents is strong, but it doesn’t feel cool. This is an understandably frustrating problem. Your air conditioner has one job right?!

Factors such as refrigerant leaks, overheating components, or even air duct damage all have the potential to cause a decreased ability to cool your home.

Low cooling power is similar to reduced airflow in that it’s not only the symptom of a problem but can also cause other problems.

Strange Sounds

Nobody but you and the other occupants of your home know the normal, day-to-day noises your air conditioner makes. If you hear anything outside of the normal humming of the motor or whoosh of air coming through your vents, you’re right to be concerned.

You might hear hissing or gurgling, for example. This is indicative of a refrigerant leak that can impact the functionality of your air conditioner. The leak must be located and repaired.

Or you could hear a screeching or squealing sound. This might be the sign of worn motor bears causing friction with the motor to your blower fan runs. This is a natural part of wear and tear but letting it go on too long can cause your motor to overheat and your air conditioner to break down completely.

These are just some of the symptoms of a struggling air conditioner. If your AC system is showing any symptoms we didn’t mention here but just seem off to you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

To schedule professional air conditioning repair in Roanoke, VA look no further than W.C. Butler Heating and Air Conditioning. Contact us today!

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