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Tips for a More Efficient Central Air Conditioner

Staying cool throughout one of our hot and long summers can be quite the feat, but with a reliable and effective central air conditioner, it’s entirely possible. Even if your AC system is working “okay” it doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement.

Read on as we share some great tips for how to boost the energy efficiency of your central air conditioner without sacrificing comfort. Between these tips and our expert AC services, you can rest assured that you can get through the rest of our summer weather without any unexpected mishaps.

How to Boost Your AC Energy Efficiency

Optimal home energy efficiency is what most homeowners are trying to achieve these days, in order to bring their utility bills down. Consider some of these great tips to boost efficiency and reduce the wear and tear on your air conditioner.

Keep the Curtains to South-Facing Windows Closed

You already know that if your windows are open during the day, it invites hot, humid air into your home. If you run your air conditioner at the same time, you’re essentially asking it to reach a temperature that it simply can’t, because there’s too much warm air in the living space.

But in addition to closing the windows during the warmer part of the day, you should also consider closing the blinds and curtains, too. It’s nice to have ambient light of course, but the fact is that at the hottest time of the day, that radiant heat is going to shine right in, especially from south-facing windows.

Closing the blinds and curtains lowers the ambient temperature enough that your air conditioner won’t cycle on quite so early in the day, therefore saving energy and money.

Ensure You Don’t Have Drafty Windows or Doors

When most people think about drafty windows or doors, they think about heat getting out and cold air coming in, during the winter. But drafty doors and windows can have just as detrimental an effect on your HVAC energy efficiency during the summer, too, as they allow heat in and the chilled air from your air conditioner out.

Use Your Thermostat Responsibly

You’ve probably noticed that your air conditioner’s thermostat goes all the way down to 62°, possibly even lower. That doesn’t mean you should set it that low, however. A lower temperature setting causes your air conditioner to come on earlier in the day, meaning it runs longer than it should have to in order to keep you comfortable.

The average person is actually completely comfortable around 78°F, yet many homeowners set their thermostats to 72°F, thinking their home will cool down faster. But like we just said, it just makes the air conditioner run longer. You’ll still be uncomfortable for just as long, versus leaving your air conditioner’s thermostat setting at 78° throughout the day.

As we inch closer to cooler temperatures, it’s important to remember this particular tip for your heater, too. When temperatures drop at night, most people are perfectly comfortable around 68°F. Setting your thermostat higher will leave you with a high heating bill, too!

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