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Factors to Consider with AC Installation

Looking to get your home set up with a new air conditioner? If so, this isn’t a job you should be attempting to do on your own. Even with all the information that we have available online to us, an AC installation is still best left to the professionals. There is a lot that can go wrong with this task if it is attempted by an amateur, if only because there are so many factors to consider.

The technicians on our team know how to get your air conditioner set up and installed properly. Each member of our team knows how to approach each part of the installation and get it done correctly, which includes taking factors like sizing and load calculations into consideration. And those are incredibly important. Here’s why:

Sizing and Load Calculations for Your Air Conditioner

Getting a new air conditioner installed in your home isn’t just about getting it hooked up and running. You want to make sure the system is appropriately set up to provide for your cooling needs without costing you extra cash. Of course, this isn’t going to be solved simply by selecting a specific system. You have to make sure that your AC is properly sized.

But what does it mean when we refer to “sizing” your AC and why does it matter? Let us give you a quick explination:

Why AC Sizing Matters

Sizing doesn’t refer to the physical size of your air conditioner itself. Sizing actually refers to the cooling capacity of the system measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. Having an oversized or undersized AC will end up costing you more money and will wear down your AC system a lot faster over the years. To get the best efficiency and effectiveness from your system you need to make sure your AC is sized for the area of the space it needs to cool. This is where load calculations come into play.

Making the Right Load Calculations

Sizing for your air conditioner is going to be based on its load calculations. These calculations have to take a lot into account such as:

  • How much heat the home gains throughout the day
  • Which direction the home faces
  • What the home’s insulation is like and how well it will stop heat transfer
  • What the floor plan is and how many floors there are.
  • The number of people that reside in the home.
  • The square footage of the home that the system needs to cool.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when making the load calculations to size your AC. And, not to be a downer, but if these calculations are made incorrectly, it can lead to your AC being improperly sized which can wreck your home comfort or your system efficiency.

The best way to ensure your AC is set-up and sized properly is to have a professional technician be the one to get everything done. You can come to our team to get the expert service you need that will ensure you enjoy an optimally cool home this summer.

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