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4 Signs Your Tank Water Heater Needs Repair

It’s easy not to give much thought to your water heater since it is largely out of sight, out of mind. You probably think everything is good if you turn on that hot faucet and hot water comes out. But there are times when your tank water heater needs to be repaired so it can continue operating without breaking down.

We are highlighting some signs that can indicate your tank water heater in Monetta, VA needs to be repaired. You can keep reading to learn more about the signs of water heater problems so you can identify them early and schedule service before your water heater breaks down. Then give our team a call to schedule service whenever you are ready.

Water Leaks

Your water heater should never leak. If it does, you need to call for service right away. When water leaks out, air can get into your water heater’s tank. This extra oxygen can cause corrosion inside the tank that wears away the protective lining. 

Once corrosion begins, rust can develop and rust is not able to be reversed once it begins. Water leaks are also costing you money on your monthly energy costs. A small drip may not seem like a big deal, but it can add up to a lot of water as the month goes on.

Signs of Rust

Although you cannot physically see rust inside of your water tank, you can monitor the outside for signs of rust. Sometimes minor water leaks will happen around valves and other connections. If the valves or other attachments rust, they can be replaced so that the rust does not spread to your water heater as well. Anytime you see rust on your water heater, call right away for service. Time is of the essence to prevent rust from getting inside the tank itself.

Bad Odors

You probably won’t be able to smell bad odors just standing near your tank. But when you turn the hot water on around your house, you may smell an odor coming from the water in your faucet. It is important to pay attention to whether the smell is exclusively in your hot water, or if it is in your cold water as well.

A widespread bad odor in your water points to a problem that lies deeper within your plumbing system. But a smell that only impacts your hot water probably originates inside of your water heater and could indicate that there’s bacterial growth. The tank needs to be flushed out and cleaned to remove the bacteria.

Loud Noises

Consider it a red flag if your water heater suddenly begins to make loud noises of any kind. A high-pitched whistle can indicate that pressure valves are releasing. Having this happen once in a while isn’t as big of a deal, but if it’s happening constantly then that means your water heater is consistently under too much pressure.

You may also hear a rumbling or a popping sound that can indicate you have mineral buildup from hard water. These abrasive minerals are moving around when the heating element turns on. They can corrode the inside of your water heater and lead to rust very quickly. If you have hard water, you have two options for addressing it. 

The first is to schedule an annual flush for your water heater to eliminate those minerals and give you a fresh start. The other option is to install a whole-house water softener that filters out those minerals before they ever reach the inside of your home.

We can help you make the best choice for water heater installation. Rely on the experts at W.C. Butler Heating and Air Conditioning and schedule an appointment today.

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