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The “V” in HVAC: Ventilation and Why It Matters

Whether you are operating an air conditioner or heater, there is a ventilation process involved in conditioning air for your home. Stale indoor air gets exchanged for filtered air that is either heated or cooled based on your thermostat settings. This is where the “V” in HVAC comes into play. Your home’s ventilation system (the ductwork) plays a vital role.

If you’re having ductwork problems in your home, it may be time to schedule a duct cleaning or sealing in Roanoke, VA. Poor ductwork can negatively impact your comfort. When there’s a buildup in your ducts, it negatively impacts indoor air quality. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of ductwork in your home and how a duct cleaning can help improve your indoor air quality. 

The Role that Ductwork Plays

Your ductwork serves as the “delivery system” for the temperature-controlled air that your air conditioner and heater provide. If your ducts are disconnected or struggling with blockages or small leaks, it can hinder your ability to adjust the temperature in the house. 

W.C. Butler Heating and Air Conditioning provides quality duct services such as air duct testing, cleaning, and even sealing to address any problems in your ducts so you can enjoy the best home comfort possible and eliminate wasted conditioned air.

Indoor Air Quality

Leaks, tears, and holes in your home’s ductwork also mean that your home is likely to have poor indoor air quality. That’s because contaminants can enter your home via these holes. 

Ductwork that is poorly sealed, has leaks and holes, or wasn’t properly installed in the first place allows unfiltered air to enter. Leaky ducts in the attic, basement, and crawl spaces let in air that contains all types of pollutants such as dust, mold, insect debris, insulation fibers, and even pollution from outside. This polluted air is then distributed throughout your home.

So how do you keep them clean? By contacting the pros at W.C. Butler Heating and Air Conditioning to ensure the job is done right. We have the tools and the experience necessary to examine your ductwork for built-up dust and debris and then remove all of it without letting it spread around your house. We’ll also seal up those leaks and patch those holes so that your ductwork system is no longer compromised.

How Do I Know If My Ductwork Has Problems?

Not sure if your ductwork has problems that need to be addressed? Unlike your HVAC system that’ll make noises to alert you that something is amiss, the same can’t be said for your ductwork. It’s not like you can open up your crawlspace or wall and check for leaks in the ducts on your own. 

So, aside from being on the alert for high energy bills and poor airflow, how else can you determine that something may be wrong with your ducts? The solution can be found with our air duct testing services. Contact us today if you suspect any issues with the essential “V” in HVAC.

We can help you make the best choice for all your HVAC needs. Rely on the experts at W.C. Butler Heating and Air Conditioning and schedule an appointment today.

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