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Angies List
Mark Rogers, 3+ years ago

Heat did not work in the middle of the winter, called Butler who responded quickly. These are good guys, very professional

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Mike De Sau, 3+ years ago

My experience with them was fine. The estimator was great. He was very informative and helpful. The installation people did a great job and were pretty efficient too. The price that they charged was competitive.

Jack Vincent Jr's Profile Image
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Jack Vincent Jr, 3+ years ago

I found them to be very responsive and they were good about getting here very quickly. I found the price to be fair and they did a fairly good job.

Roy Saxton's Profile Image
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Roy Saxton, 3+ years ago

They did an excellent job. they showed up on time, were very courteous and very helpful.

nonta none's Profile Image
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nonta none, 3+ years ago

I contacted Butler for an estimate, their salesman was knowledgeable and direct with all of my questions. He looked at my situation and then recommended the unit and features I needed and didn't push the ones that I didn't. The quote was within 10% of all of the "questionable" companies I had bid on the job, but the equipment was a better brand. The guys arrived on the day of install promptly at 7:45 a.m., appointment was for 8:00 a.m. but I blearily let them in. The install had a few minor hiccups (my home not their service) they finished by 3:00 p.m., cleaned up and wished me well. Unit is great and service after the fact is the same. In fact, one call I was looking to schedule an appointment later in the week and they were able to get out the same day. They weren't even afraid of the 100 lbs German shepherd, who decided that he liked them.

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