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Mitchell Tyler, 3+ years ago

When I couldn't get the original installing company to service my non-functioning new-ish Carrier heat pump until 4 business days later, I turned to WC Butler, who provided next-day service and found the problem in about 2 minutes. With proper parts already on the service van, I was up and running in under an hour. They were even able to recharge my 21 year old system that serves another part of the house and bring it back to life after sitting idle for 4 years. Looking forward to working with Butler in the future on replacing this old system when the time comes.

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Amanda Beachum, 3+ years ago

Did an excellent job cleaning our unit and recharging the Freon. Did not try to upsell us and prices were fair. Very friendly and arrived on time. Would definitely recommend.

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Melissa Merchand Cobb, 3+ years ago

Very professional and knowledgeable employee ...informative at every step and asked if I had any questions ........your employee Shawn was very helpful ... Thank you!!

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Jennifer Keller, 3+ years ago

These guys were my heroes this week! Of course my heat pump goes out during the coldest week with 8"snow. But they came out in 4 wheel drive and fixed the problem. Thank you!!!

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Adam Hetrick, 3+ years ago

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