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Water Heaters in Roanoke, VA

Ever read a book that described the process of getting hot water for a bathtub before people had hot water heaters? It certainly doesn’t sound fun. Thank goodness we live in a time when water heaters are commonplace and energy efficient! Today’s systems provide reliable hot water to homes in Roanoke, VA which is a great benefit in summer and winter alike. As you can imagine, losing the comfort that a water heater provides isn’t something that anyone around here wants to deal with. That’s where we can help!

Our water heater services include hot water heater installation, hot water heater replacement, hot water heater repair, and even hot water heater maintenance. We offer all of these services so that you only need to go to one place for all your water heater needs.

Contact W.C. Butler Heating and Air Conditioning for help with your hot water heater. The Butler Did It!

Hot Water Heater Installation in Roanoke, VA

Is the water heater in your home older than Grandma? Or maybe you are wrapping up a new home project and looking for someone to install this and other systems to finish things off. Whatever your situation, you can come to us for the installation of your next water heater. We install the best quality water heater systems in Roanoke, VA including:

When you need to get a water heater installed in your Roanoke house, make sure you give it the best start possible by scheduling that service with us. We’ve been providing quality service to residents in the area for more than 30 years! You can trust us to get you set up with a great source of hot water that you can rely on for years to come.

Hot Water Heater Replacement

Don’t wait to schedule water heater replacement. If the system isn’t working correctly and has simply gotten to the stage where it can’t do its job, your time and money are going to be better used getting this old tank water heater removed and installing a new one in its place. We can help with this service.

Our certified technicians are ready and able to replace both gas and electric tank water heaters. Reach out to us when you need reliable service that will provide you with hot water when you need it.

Hot Water Heater Repair

You’ve scheduled hot water heater maintenance with us on an annual basis, but something still seems to be off about your system. Maybe it’s a leak in the connection to the hot water tank or perhaps there is too much sediment in your tank water heater. The end result with all of these situations should be the same: you can reach out to us for water heater repair services in Roanoke, VA.

The team at W.C. Butler Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to provide you with water heater repairs when something goes wrong with. We’ve been in business since 1985 so we’ve seen it all. Come to the team with the best reputation for providing reliable service backed by experience.

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